Palina Gurinovich

Is a painter based in Bath, UK

My practice revolves around investigation of the ontological state of paint in the form of a brush mark on a flat surface, and its ability to be a self-representative object when taken out of a framed context.


The thinking process is divided into two segments; practical and philosophical.


My practice-led experimentations take the form of paintings. The work focuses on the relationship between form and colour. Form has an undeniable hold over the viewers’ eye and can narrate its feelings through shape, whilst colour works as a tool that can add behavioural characteristics to that form. The theoretical understanding of this concept comes from Wassily Kandinsky’s colour theory, who states that “This unavoidable influence and mutual relation between form and color causes us to observe the effect, which form has on color”.


Every layer consists of thought, both learned and tacit, through actions and processes. The forms are beginning to lose some of the sharp taped out edges and, in chosen areas, beginning to embody the natural playfulness of the medium, which pictorially sits in contrast to the more mechanical, ‘man-made’ edges, which adds a different value to the composition. A form defines itself by its edge, and the visual appearance of that edge determines the placement of the form in the picture plane.


Furthermore, the research began looking into a philosophical side of my practice. I have decided to focus on the reasoning behind the brush stroke having an ability to materialize a certain character on the canvas and how that ability is lost when the brush stoke is removed from the surface.


In order to understand the physical, 3- dimensional brush strokes, I have investigated the concept of the sublime via the writings of Kant and Lyotard, whose position is “it is something that consciousness cannot formulate”, which means that a brushstroke can only be understood and investigated when the physical body is created.


The question that my practice is currently dealing with is: “does a brush mark require a surface in order to function as itself within the context of painting in the visual arts? “

Latest Exhibitions

29 Julу 2020

Summer Open Show

The Art Cohort


18 July 2019

'115' Group Exhibition

Bargehouse OXO Tower


7 June 2019

'Bath School of Art and Design Degree Show' Group Exhibition

Bath Spa University


9 May 2018

'2nd Year Fine Art Student's End of Year Celebration' Group Exhibition

Bath Spa University


6 January 2018 

Ben Hughes Gallery 

Walcot Chapel


'Exhibition 9.12.17' Group Exhibition

9 December 2017

Roper Gallery


9 June 2017

'Selections' Group Exhibition

ADYoung Thechnical Services


9 December 2016

Group Exhibition

Ben Hughes Gallery 


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