• Palina Gurinovich

18 October 2019

Before doing anything to the canvas, I have decided to use photoshop to create various combinations. As the size of the canvas is 60x50 cm, I had to minimize the possible amount of brushmarks, to allow this work to breathe, as I have to always remember the main goal of my practice. TO SHOW THAT PAINT CAN REPRESENT ITSELF.

By doing so, it allowed me to think before I make. I have realized that for my practice it is important to have some sort of realization of what the outcome might look like. Of course, created work will look different from what's on the image, but at least, this allows me to start somewhere.

THOUGHTS: due to colours being too similar and vibrant, it doesn't allow for a plastic bit to come further to the front. At the same time red brushmark over the red circle looks flat.

THOUGHTS: Blue colours make the red plastic to stand out more and not get lost with the work. Think about mixing oil paint with different mediums, to add depth to this work.

THOUGHTS: Red paint does play with red plastic and they compliment each other, one follows another. But when putting such vibrant colour as yellow, next to red plastic, it overwhelms the whole work. DON"T FORGET ABOUT THE SIZE OF THE CANVAS.

THOUGHTS; Red against red could work, but not with plastic next to it. Even though this one is less vibrant as another red, it still doesn't work.

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