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22 October 2019 Green Painting

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Put the first layer down, sap green(colour).

MIXED 50/50 paint and linseed oil

One half was pure paint

Another half was mixed with titanium white paint

It was done to create a gradient easier

After transferring paint onto the canvas I have faced a couple of limitations:

1. Because sap green was a very transparent paint, in the areas where the paint wasn't premixed with white, it left white patches(canvas was visible).

2. Couldn't get rid of the brash marks(from the paintbrush) over a brush mark that was primed on the canvas already.

In the end, I have decided to wipe off as much paint as I possibly could, by damping a piece of cloth in turpentine. HOWEVER

It covered the brush mark perfectly and actually made it do what I intended it to

--> lay on top of the painting(foreground), hence playing with the viewer's perception of layers.

Paint Colour Mixing Process for GREEN:

Colours used:

- Chrome Yellow HUE (WInsor and Newton)

- Sap Green ( Winsor and Newton)

-Titanium White (seawhite)

-Ivory Black

Chrome Yellow +Ivory Black +Titanium White

Mix until the colour is right

Add Sap Green to get the darker shade of green(if the colour doesn't feel right, take a little bit of and mix on the side, that way you won't ruin the whole batch)

Add Chrome Yeallow to get lighter green

Think about a contrasting colour... RED

Crimson red(graduate)

Scarlet Red(winsor and newton) - didn't choose

Alizarin Crimson (Spectrum)

chrimson red + Alizarin - mix together to have a base

Alizarin - Add as over layer to add the depth

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